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FCC focuses on corporate social responsibility out of a conviction that its ethical behaviour and social and environmental commitment do not arise just from the imperatives of fairness and justice but are also profitable by improving working conditions and generating relations of reciprocity and acceptance in our milieu.

Consequently, the website has adopted a number of measures to ensure that content is accessible, in order to:

  • Facilitate access by users, regardless of their capacity or environment.
  • Enable access by different user agents.
  • Include clear, well-structured content.
  • Improve browsing and the user experience.


Standards that were applied

This website was developed in line with the AA level under the UNE-EN 301549:2022 (WCAG 2.1) standard, which is based on the W3C 's Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 2.0.

All Priority 1 and Priority 2 checkpoints were cross-checked by experts in accessibility using manual accessibility analyses, complemented by a range of different semi-automatic tools, user agents and technical aids.

Measures that were adopted

The following measures were adopted:

  • Separation of content and presentation: Use of style sheets (CSS) to present information and HTML mark-up to structure it properly. Layouts adapt properly to the most widely-used user agents, and font sizes were defined in relative terms to allow for resizing.
  • Text equivalents of non-text content: The necessary text equivalents are provided for non-text content to ensure that no users encounter barriers to accessing content.
  • Clear navigation mechanisms: Links offer details of the function or destination of the hyperlink. Interactive mechanisms give the user the location of the information and offer guidance through the site.
  • Proper use of standards: The documents in the site were written to the specifications of W3C, the body which develops international standards for the web. The documents are valid and offer the proper mark-up for each category of content.
  • Programmed objects: Programmed objects are not used to present information or offer other important features. Therefore, it is possible to browse the site regardless of the technology available in the user agent.
  • “Accessibility of PDF's: Certain pdf's published on our website, have a structure not accessible due to technical reasons. In this case and, if it is necessary, write to our contact page and request the document”.


Please send any complaints, queries or suggestions for improving the accessibility of the website via any of the channels provided on the contact page of this site. 

Accessibility last revised

July 2022