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The 7th Framework Program (7FP) for research and technological development is the EU´s primary instrument for funding research and demonstration activities from 2007 through 2013 (Decision No. 1982/2006/EC). It brings together all research-related EU initiatives under one roof, providing the structure for reaching the EU goals of growth, competitiveness and employment. The total 7FP budget for the seven-year period amounts to € 51 billion (US$69 billion). EU Member States and the European Parliament have earmarked a total of € 2.35 billion (US$3 billion) over the duration of 7FP for funding energy-related projects.

The 7FP Call Topic of 2010 is aimed at large scale demonstration of biofuels production from algae with ambitious, but achievable targets:

  • Cultivation area of up to 4 hectare.
  • Biomass productivity of 100 dry solid tons per hectare per year.

Furthermore the consortia needed to be led by industrial organizations and the projects had to demonstrate the complete sustainable value chain from algae species selection to biofuel production and use in the market. The call was restricted to only projects in which the carbon dioxide (CO2) supply for the algae cultivation was provided by renewable applications, excluding CO2 generated from fossil fuel installations.

In total, 14 proposals were submitted by various industrial groups, from which the three projects were shortlisted for support: All-gas, BIOFAT and InteSusAl. These contracts were signed in early 2011. The total cost for the three projects is about €31 million (US$42 million) and the corresponding EC contribution amounts to about €20 million (US$27 million).