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A major step forward towards sustainability

One of the challenges that R&D faces in the water sector is to take maximum advantage of the residuals produced at the different stages in the water cycle. Our aim is to achieve the highest possible degree of sustainability and efficiency.


With current technology, wastewater treatment involves high resources expenditure and, conversely, minimum reuse of the energy these processes could provide. One of our most ambitious lines of research examines using wastewater as a key factor in obtaining biofuels. If possible, this would revolutionize the current wastewater treatment paradigm: what had, until now, been considered an undesirable by-product would become a valuable resource.


The All-gas project seeks to demonstrate the sustainable large-scale production of biofuels based on the low-cost cultivation of microalgae. The complete process chain - from cultivation ponds, biomass separation, extraction of oils and other chemicals to the downstream production of biofuels and their use in vehicle fleets - will take place based on a site of 10 hectares, with the goal of wastewater treatment becoming energy self-sufficient.